Hong Kong – 13th Jun, 2024 - INNO3D showcased its innovative products and solutions at COMPUTEX 2024, the renowned annual technology exhibition held in Taipei, Taiwan. As part of the event's InnoVEX, the startup exhibition area, INNO3D demonstrated its cutting-edge technologies, contributing to the global innovation momentum. The event witnessed the highest number of participating countries and displayed exceptional creativity in applying AI technology to various fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, sports, pets, and tourism.

INNO3D made a significant impact at COMPUTEX 2024 by showcasing its cutting-edge graphics cards, particularly the noteworthy GeForce RTX 4060Ti iCHILL X3 WHITE that was used in a Thermaltake modding competition and the latest GeForce RTX 40 SUPER Series GPUs. These graphics cards, powered by advanced technologies such as Nvidia Ada architecture, offer groundbreaking gaming performance, stunning visuals, and innovative cooling solutions. INNO3D impressed attendees with its showcase of advanced GPU wrokstation solutions. The company's GPU workstations solutions were prominently featured, demonstrating INNO3D's commitment to high-performance computing.

INNO3D's latest lineup of GeForce RTX 40 SUPER Series GPUs cater to diverse gaming needs with varying VRAM capacity and core counts, ensuring a wide range of options for gamers.

These GPU workstations cater to a wide range of applications, from data analytics to artificial intelligence and high-performance computing. INNO3D GPU server solutions align with the increasing demand for powerful computing infrastructure in various sectors.

The event, themed 'Connecting AI,' highlighted the significance of AI, positioning INNO3D's exhibit in the spotlight while driving the "NVIDIA Powers the World’s AI. And Yours." message during the show. INNO3D seized the opportunity to showcase its innovative flagship graphics cards at the NVIDIA AI Zone.

This strategic positioning emphasized the pivotal role of AI in the tech industry. The showcased graphics cards, designed for enthusiast gamers and mainstream users, featured advanced AI capabilities such as DLSS for improved ray-tracing and exceptional gaming experiences.

INNO3D also showcased several Small Form Factor (SFF) enthusiast GeForce cards in collaboration with NVIDIA. These graphics cards, designed to fit into compact PC builds, adhere to the SFF-Ready guideline introduced by NVIDIA and its partners. The showcased INNO3D GeForce RTX 4070, 4070 SUPER, and 4070 Ti SUPER models meet the specified dimensions, ensuring compatibility with SFF cases.

These compact and powerful graphics cards enable PC enthusiasts to experience high-performance gaming and content creation in space-saving designs. The ongoing collaboration between NVIDIA and INNO3D underscores the commitment to simplifying component choice and enhancing the SFF PC building experience, aligning with the growing trend of compact yet powerful PC configurations.

INNO3D GeForce RTX 4070 Ti SUPER TWIN X2 OC White: SFF ready card at NVIDIA Computex press suite.

INNO3D's presence at COMPUTEX 2024 exemplified its commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming performance and visual fidelity, marking a significant contribution to the future of the gaming industry and AI applications.

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